How to cancel world of warcraft(wow) subscription in Just 2 Minutes!

In this article, we will tell you about cancel world of warcraft subscription, which is one of the games played on a vast scale. Blizzard Entertainment developed it in the year 2004.

This game is popular with its many different features. This includes activities that allow players to control character avatars, find any visibility, complete quests, fight against monsters and interact with all player characters, making the game a lot more interesting.

Here, like other MMORPG games, you have to choose a subscription option after a free trial to unlock players, for which you are charged a certain amount. if you love the Phasmophobia video game then buy Phasmophobia Key.

Cancel world of warcraft(wow) subscription

If you have found a new MMORPG, then you should cancel the subscription to stop your Auto-Renewal. If you are having difficulty canceling your WoW subscription, you can follow the steps mentioned below –

cancel world of warcraft subscription
  • You have to visit this website
  • Then enter the details of your Blizzard account and login.
  • Now select the account you want to cancel.
  • Now click on cancel subscription and just your wow membership has been successfully cancelled.

2. Method

  • Visit this site
  • Log in by entering the necessary details of your Battle net account.
  • Then click on the cancel game subscription option on the bottom right.
cancel world of warcraft subscription
  • Then give a reason to cancel the game subscription.
  • And then click on “yes please cancel my WoW subscription”.
cancel world of warcraft subscription
  • Just your WoW subscription is successfully cancelled.

If you face any problem in cancelling your subscription through both the methods mentioned above, you can tell support about the entire issue by visiting this link. They will fully help you to cancel the subscription.

For more info check this video –

FAQs: How to Cancel World of Warcraft subscription

How do I cancel my WoW 2021 subscription?

You can follow the steps mentioned above and cancel your subscription.

Can you get a refund for the WoW sub?

You can get a refund if you cancel within the trial period; otherwise, not.

Can you refund the 6-month sub WoW?


Can I cancel WoW online?

Yes, you can cancel it online by following the steps mentioned above.

Last word

Whether you have opted for a one, three, or 6-month plan but if you do not use it, I think canceling the subscription is the right step.

We hope that you have got much help from the article. If yes, you must share it with all your game-playing friends to get to know about cancel world of warcraft subscription.

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